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Debrecen Heat Supply Company

Address: H-4028 Debrecen Tüzér u. 4.
4001 Debrecen 1, Postbox 119
Phone: + 36 (52) 509-409
Fax: + 36 (52) 509-491, 509-492
Web: http://www.dhrt.hu

Staff on Duty

(Reporting faults only here)

Operating Hours: 24/7

Phone: + 36 (52) 460-460

Email: ugyelet@dhrt.hu

Centre of Service area

Operating working day: 0800-1500

Address: H-4032 Debrecen, Jerikó u. 23. 

Client Service Office

Address: H- 4026 Debrecen, Darabos u. 16.
Phone: + 36 (52) 525-525

Fax: + 36 (52) 525-527

Operating Hours:

Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday: 800-1530

Thursday: 800-2000

Friday: 800-1200

Email: vevoszolgalat@dhrt.hu

To fix an appointment: www.dhrt.hu

Registration of Measured domestic hot water consumption:

Web: http://www.dhrt.hu

Email: szamlazas@dhrt.hu

Phone:+36  (52) 525-525


Reporting faults

Staff on Duty

 (Reporting technical defects only here)

Operating Hours: 24/7

Phone: + 36 (52) 460-460

Email: ugyelet@dhrt.hu

Our colleagues examine reported technical defects, repair all on the primary (district heating network and heat substations) side.

On the secondary side (any other pars of the district heating system), we make the followings only:

  • in case of injury, or property damage: cutting off the related part of the secondary system, draining and filling (before- and after the repairing work was managed by the customer itself with and entrepreneur).
  • deaeration of the secondary system
  • replace sealing, tighten valves without draining the system.

To ensure or colleagues to entry into all premises needed to the repairing activity is the customer (or the representative of the customer community) responsibility.

Our colleagues don’t make any repairing activities on the secondary side, we recommend to use entrepreneurs.